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Smash Repair and Insurance

Inquiry report

This inquiry report was released on 18 August 2005.

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Cover, Copyright, Terms of reference, Contents, Abbreviations, Key points, Overview, Findings and recommendations

1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Scope of the inquiry
1.3 Recognising market power
1.4 Inquiry procedures
1.5 Structure of the report

2 Characteristics of the insurance and smash repair industries
2.1 The motor vehicle insurance industry
2.2 The smash repair industry

3 Preferred smash repairer arrangements
3.1 The nature and extent of preferential arrangements
3.2 Advantages and disadvantages for insurers, repairers and consumers
3.3 Transparency and contract issues
3.4 Quality, safety and consumer protection

4 Financial and commercial relationships
4.1 Current price-setting arrangements
4.2 The rates of payment set in the quoting process
4.3 Timeframes provided to smash repairers on quoting and contract offers
4.4 Time taken by insurers to pay repairers

5 Choice for consumers
5.1 Current arrangements and choice
5.2 Benefits and costs of choice
5.3 Is there ‘reasonable’ choice?

6 Dispute resolution and codes of conduct
6.1 Disputes between consumers and insurers
6.2 Disputes between consumers and repairers
6.3 Disputes between insurers and repairers

A Participation in the inquiry
A.1 Meetings and visits
A.2 Public submissions
A.3 Confidential submissions
A.4 Public hearing participants