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Indigenous Expenditure Report 2010

Note that the 2008-09 estimates in the 2010 Indigenous Expenditure Report have been superseded by 2008-09 estimates in the 2012 Indigenous Expenditure Report (reflecting improvements to the method and to the data that underpin the estimates).

The 2008-09 estimates are available in the 2012 Indigenous Expenditure Report web-tables.

The 2010 Indigenous Expenditure Report was released on 28 February 2011. It is the inaugural report in a series which provides estimates of expenditure on services provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by the Australian Government, and State and Territory governments in 2008-09. The 2010 Report is supported by the 2010 Report Expenditure Data Manual and 2010 Report Service Use Measure Definitions Manual which document the methods, data sources and interpretation issues underpinning the estimates.

A supplement to the 2010 Indigenous Expenditure Report was released on 15 September 2011 to complement the 2010 Report by providing estimates of Australian Government expenditure by state and territory. This enabled the estimation of the total government resources committed in each state and territory.

An errata (PDF - 19 Kb) has been issued with the report.

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Just briefly...

  • Contents
  • Manuals
  • Preliminaries
  • Overview
  • Chapter 1 Introduction
    1.1 Information to support Indigenous reform
    1.2 The approach
    1.3 Consultation
    1.4 Structure of the report
    1.5 References
  • Chapter 2 Interpreting Indigenous Expenditure Report estimates
    2.1 Implications of the method
    2.2 Data quality and estimate reliability
    2.3 Service delivery context
    2.4 Jurisdictions' comments
    2.5 References
  • Chapter 3 Early child development, and Education and training
    3.1 Early childhood education and care
    3.2 School education
    3.3 Tertiary education
    3.4 Other expenditure on education
    3.5 Priority areas for further development
    3.6 References
  • Chapter 4 Healthy lives
    4.1 The relationship between expenditure categories and the National Indigenous Reform Agreement framework
    4.2 Hospital services (including mental health institutions)
    4.3 Community and public health services (including patient transport)
    4.4 Pharmaceuticals and aids, and health administration and research services
    4.5 Priority areas for further development
    4.6 References
  • Chapter 5 Economic participation
    5.1 Labour and employment services (including other economic affairs)
    5.2 Social security support services
    5.3 Priority areas for further development
    5.4 References
  • Chapter 6 Home environment
    6.1 Housing services
    6.2 Community and environment services
    6.3 Transport and communication services
    6.4 Priority areas for further development
    6.5 References
  • Chapter 7 Safe and supportive communities
    7.1 Public order and safety services
    7.2 Community support and welfare services
    7.3 Recreation and culture services
    7.4 Priority areas for further development
    7.5 References
  • Chapter 8 Other government expenditure
    8.1 General government services and defence
    8.2 Industry regulation and support
    8.3 Priority areas for further development
    8.4 References
  • Appendix A Overview of proration method
  • Appendix B Consultation
  • Appendix C Local government
  • Appendix D General statistics
  • Appendix E Early child development, Education and training - Statistical tables
  • Appendix F Healthy lives - Statistical tables
  • Appendix G Economic participation - Statistical tables
  • Appendix H Home environment - Statistical tables
  • Appendix I Safe and supportive communities - Statistical tables
  • Appendix J Other government expenditure - Statistical tables

The Indigenous expenditure report methodology is underpinned by two reference manuals:

  • Expenditure Data Manual - This manual contains the agreed counting rules (definitions, methods, and so on) that jurisdictions followed when providing expenditure data.
  • Service Use Measure Definitions Manual - This manual documents the agreed service use measures that were used to prorate mainstream expenditure between services for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

These manuals are reviewed as part of the annual reporting process.

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