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Government Trading Enterprises performance indicators 1991-92 to 1995-96

Performance monitoring report

This report was released in two volumes on 1 May 1997. Volume 1 contains the report and Volume 2 contains the associated data.

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'Consumers are continuing to gain from GTE reform,' said Mr Bill Scales, Chairman of the National Committee for Performance Monitoring of Government Trading Enterprises. 'The community is getting greater value for money. On average, real prices charged by government trading enterprises [GTEs] are falling without any apparent loss of service, and profitability is improving.'

The Committee which monitors the performance of Government businesses released its fifth annual report today. The report, Government Trading Enterprises Performance Indicators 1991-92 to 1995-96, documents the performance of 73 of Australia's major government trading enterprises in the electricity, gas, water, transport and communications industries.

The report reveals that:

  • On average, real prices fell by over 5 per cent in 1995-96, continuing an uninterrupted trend of falling average real prices since 1991-92
  • Customer satisfaction within most sectors is improving
  • Average profitability showed a modest improvement in 1995-96 with significant increases in payments to governments
  • The return on assets rose in 1995-96.

However, the report exposes an unevenness in performance trends across sectors, jurisdictions and GTEs. 'Performance improvement is uneven, suggesting that some GTEs could do better. For example, some public transport GTEs continue to have low levels of cost recovery from customers' said Mr Scales.

Mr Scales emphasised the need for a sense of urgency in GTE reform. 'Delays to the implementation of reforms such as the National Energy market and the Gas Access Regime will mean that the benefits to Australians from these reforms will come later than they should.'

'Improvements in reporting by GTEs need to continue. One area of concern is the costing and justification of non-commercial activities to meet social objectives. Another is the current value of assets', said Mr Scales.

Volume 1

Copyright, Chairman's Introduction, Contents, Overview

1 Background
1.1 Reform progress
1.2 Future directions in monitoring

2 Electricity
2.1 Industry structure
2.2 Market conditions and regulation
2.3 Financial performance
2.4 Service quality
Appendix 2A Data

3 Gas
3.1 Industry structure
3.2 Market conditions and regulation
3.3 Financial performance

4 Water, Sewerage, Drainage and Irrigation
4.1 Industry structure
4.2 Policy initiatives
4.3 Financial performance
4.4 Service performance
Appendix 4A Data

5 Urban Transport
5.1 Industry structure
5.2 Key policy initiatives
5.3 Financial performance
5.4 Patronage and service quality
Appendix 5A Data

6 Railways
6.1 Industry structure
6.2 Key policy initiatives
6.3 Financial performance
6.4 Service performance
Appendix 6A Data

7 Port Authorities
7.1 Industry structure
7.2 Market conditions and regulation
7.3 Financial performance
7.4 Port performance indicators
Appendix 7A Data

8 Other Commonwealth GTEs
8.1 Airservices Australia
8.2 Australian National Line
8.3 Australia Post
8.4 Federal Airports Corporation
8.5 Telstra Corporation
8.6 Real payments to government
Appendix 8A Data

9 Performance at the National and Jurisdictional Level
9.1 Australia-wide results
9.2 Financial Performance by Jurisdiction
Appendix 9A Data


A Enterprise Listings
By Jurisdiction
By Industry classification

B Monitored GTEs


Volume 2

Copyright, Contents

1 Electricity
Delta Electricity (NSW)
Macquarie Generation (NSW)
Pacific Power (NSW)
TransGrid (NSW)
Advance Energy (NSW)
Australian Inland Energy (NSW)
EnergyAustralia (NSW)
Great Southern Energy (NSW)
Integral Energy (NSW)
NorthPower (NSW)
PowerNet (Vic)
Victorian Power Exchange (Vic)
AUSTA Electric (Qld)
Queensland Transmission and Supply Corporation (Qld)
ETSA Corporation (SA)
Western Power (WA)
Hydro-Electric Corporation (Tas)
Power and Water Authority (NT)
ACTEW Corporation (ACT)
Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority (C'wealth)

2 Gas
Gas Transmission Corporation (Vic)
AlintaGas (WA)

3 Water, Sewerage, Drainage and Irrigation
Gosford City Council (NSW)
Hunter Water Corporation (NSW)
Sydney Water Corporation (NSW)
Wyong Shire Council (NSW)
Barwon Water (Vic)
City West Water (Vic)
Melbourne Water Corporation (Vic)
South East Water (Vic)
Yarra Valley Water (Vic)
Brisbane City Council (Qld)
Department of Natural Resources, State Water Projects (Qld)
Gold Coast Water (Qld)
South Australian Water Corporation (SA)
Water Corporation (WA)
Hobart Regional Water Board (Tas)
North West Regional Water Authority (Tas)
Rivers and Water Supply Commission, North Esk (Tas)
Power and Water Authority (NT)
ACTEW Corporation (ACT)

4 Urban Transport
State Transit Authority (NSW)
Brisbane Transport (Qld)
TransAdelaide (SA)
MetroBus (WA)
Metropolitan Transport Trust (Tas)

5 Railways
State Rail Authority of New South Wales (NSW)
Public Transport Corporation (Vic)
Queensland Rail (Qld)
Westrail (WA)
Australian National Railways Commission (C'wealth)
National Rail Corporation (C'wealth)

6 Port Authorities
Newcastle Port Corporation (NSW)
Port Kembla Ports Corporation (NSW)
Sydney Ports Corporation (NSW)
Melbourne Port Corporation (Vic)
Victorian Channels Authority (Vic)
Gladstone Port Authority (Qld)
Port of Brisbane Corporation (Qld)
South Australian Ports Corporation (SA)
Fremantle Port Authority (WA)
Burnie Port Authority (Tas)
Marine Board of Hobart (Tas)
Port of Devonport Authority (Tas)
Port of Launceston Authority (Tas)
Darwin Port Authority (NT)

7 Other Commonwealth GTEs
Airservices Australia
ANL Limited
Australia Post
Federal Airports Corporation


A Enterprise Listings
By Jurisdiction
By Industry classification

B Definitions of Financial Indicators
Published financial performance indicators
Non-published financial performance indicators

C Definitions of Non-Financial Indicators
Water, sewerage, drainage and irrigation
Urban transport
Port Authorities
Other Commonwealth

D Units of Quantity used in Performance Monitoring Indicators

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