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Mental health and suicide prevention stocktake

Stocktake report

The stocktake was released on 24 November 2022.

Prepared in 2021, this stocktake provides an overview of mental health and suicide prevention programs that are funded by the Australian and State and Territory Governments.

It seeks to build a shared understanding of the landscape of existing government-funded programs, including ‘who funds what’ in the mental health and suicide prevention system (both in and outside the health portfolio).

The stocktake is based on data provided by the Australian and State and Territory Governments to the Productivity Commission. It provides a starting point for jurisdictions to assess gaps and duplications in mental health and suicide prevention programs. This information was used to inform the development of the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Agreement, which was signed in 2022.

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  • Contents
  • Cover
  • Key points
  • 1 About this stocktake
  • 2 Data analysis and insights
  • 3 Implications for developing the National Agreement
  • 4 Future opportunities
  • References

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