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Mental health

Final report released

What is an inquiry?

  • Why the inquiry?
  • Issues paper
  • Draft report
  • Final report

What we were asked to look at

This inquiry examined the effect of mental health on people’s ability to participate in and prosper in the community and workplace, and the effects it has more generally on our economy and productivity.

It looked at how governments across Australia, employers, professional and community groups in healthcare, education, employment, social services, housing and justice can contribute to improving mental health for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

The Commission consulted widely, including in regional Australia. We also considered how to most effectively receive input from particular groups such as consumers and carers.

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Issues paper and initial submissions

The Commission released an issues paper to guide people in preparing a submission. It set out some of the issues and questions the Commission has identified as relevant at the early stage of the inquiry.

Initial submissions were due by 5 April 2019.

Read the issues paper

Draft report

The Commission sought further information and feedback from the draft report, released on 31 October 2019.

Submissions were due by 23 January 2020.

Read the draft report

Final report to Government and release

The inquiry final report was handed to the Australian Government on 30 June 2020 and publicly released on 16 November 2020.

The report discusses some key influences on people’s mental health, examines the effect of mental health on people’s ability to participate and prosper in the community and workplace, and implications more generally for our economy and productivity.

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