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Productivity inquiry (2023)

Final report released

What is an inquiry?

  • Why the inquiry?
  • Call for submissions
  • Interim reports
  • Final report

What we’ve been asked to look at

The Productivity Commission was asked to review Australia’s productivity performance and recommend an actionable roadmap to assist governments to make productivity-enhancing reforms.

This Inquiry is the second in a series, undertaken at 5 yearly intervals – the previous Inquiry was completed in 2017.

Read the Terms of Reference Media release

Call for submissions paper

The Commission released a paper calling for submissions and comments to the Inquiry. Individuals and organisations providing submissions or comments should have provided evidence to support their views, including data and specific examples where possible.

Initial submissions were due by 23 March 2022.

Read the call for submissions paper

Interim reports

Productivity growth is about harnessing our ingenuity to do more with the resources we already have — working smarter, not harder — and investing in the latest technology and the best ideas.

The Productivity Inquiry focused on the enablers of productivity growth in a modern, market-based, service-oriented world.

You were invited to examine these 6 interim reports and to make written submissions by 21 October 2022.

Interim report 1

The first interim report provided the broad productivity context for the exploration of productivity-enhancing reforms detailed in a series of forthcoming interim reports.

Read The Key to Prosperity

Interim report 2

The second interim report explored how digital technology and data can be used to improve Australia’s productivity.

Read Australia's data and digital dividend

Interim report 3

The third interim report explored how encouraging innovation across the vast majority of Australian businesses and in the government sector can improve Australia's productivity.

Read Innovation for the 98%

Interim report 4

The fourth interim report investigated how policy can address key challenges and opportunities facing the business environment.

Read A competitive, dynamic and sustainable future

Interim report 5

The fifth interim report outlined potential ways governments can improve education outcomes to support future productivity.

Read From learning to growth

Interim report 6

The sixth and last interim report explored how a well-functioning labour market is critical to productivity growth and social wellbeing.

Read A more productive labour market

Final report to Government and release

The final inquiry report was handed to the Australian Government on 7 February 2023, then tabled and publicly released on 17 March 2023.

The report is divided into 9 volumes: an overview document (volume 1) that presents our policy agenda, and inquiry content volumes (volumes 2–9) that explain in greater detail the reforms that make up the policy agenda, including a modelling appendix.

Read Advancing Prosperity Our media release Treasurer's media release

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