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Citrus growing and processing

Public inquiry

This public inquiry has concluded. The final inquiry report was released by the Australian Government on 18 June 2002.

The Treasurer asked the Productivity Commission to undertake an inquiry into the citrus growing and processing industry. The Commission was to report on the competitive situation and outlook for citrus growing and processing. It was to examine whether any measures are necessary to enhance the industry's competitiveness, and whether a formal safeguards investigation is warranted.

In undertaking the inquiry, the Commission was to take into account:

  • the financial conditions, including profitability of the industry
  • trends in relation to demand and supply factors, including imports such as frozen concentrate orange juice
  • the competitiveness of the industry, including efforts taken by the industry to enhance competitiveness
  • the impact and effectiveness of existing and recent Commonwealth / State policies and programs.

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Government response

Draft report

The draft report for this project is not available online.

Please note: The draft report is for research purposes only. For final outcomes of this inquiry refer to the inquiry report.

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