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Indigenous Evaluation Strategy

Final strategy released

  • Why the project?
  • Issues paper
  • Draft strategy
  • Final strategy

What we’ve been asked to look at

The Australian Government asked the Productivity Commission to develop a whole-of-government evaluation strategy for policies and programs affecting Indigenous Australians, to be used by all Australian Government agencies. The Commission will also review the performance of agencies against the strategy over time.

We have consulted widely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities and organisations, and with all levels of government. We also consulted with non-Indigenous organisations and individuals responsible for administering and delivering relevant policies and programs.

Read the Letter of Direction

Issues paper release and initial submissions

The Commission released an issues paper to guide people in preparing a submission. It set out some of the issues and questions the Commission has identified as relevant at the early stage of the project. Participants should have provided evidence to support their views, including data and specific examples where possible.

The paper was released on 26 June 2019.

Initial submissions were due by 23 August 2019.

Read the issues paper

Draft strategy release

The Commission sought further information and feedback following the release of the draft strategy on 3 June 2020.

Submissions were due by 3 August 2020.

Read the draft strategy

Final strategy to Government

The final strategy was handed to the Australian Government on 16 October 2020 and was publicly released on 30 October 2020.

The Indigenous Evaluation Strategy provides a whole-of-government framework for Australian Government agencies to use when selecting, planning, conducting and using evaluations of policies and programs affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Strategy puts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at its centre. It recognises the need to draw on the perspectives, priorities and knowledges of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people if outcomes are to be improved.

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