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Reducing the regulatory burden on Australian agriculture

A Commission draft report released in July makes recommendations on ways to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens on farm businesses.

Improving education outcomes through evidence-based policy and practice

A new Commission draft report recommends improvements to the national education evidence base to enhance policy development and outcomes in school and early childhood education.

Indigenous primary school achievement

In a recent self-initiated research project the Commission investigated the factors that contribute to the education achievement of Indigenous primary school students to better understand what might work best to lift achievement among Indigenous students.

Digital disruption – how should governments respond?

Digital technologies can have significant impacts on markets and competition, workers, households, and society. Many of these effects should be productivity enhancing; but some may result in economic dislocation. A Commission Research Paper examines how governments should respond.

Regulation of Australia’s marine fisheries and aquaculture

A Commission draft report argues that better management of Australia’s fisheries is essential to ensure their sustainability and value.

Australia’s productivity performance

In 2014-15, Australia’s measured productivity increased. But there was considerable variation across industries, with productivity increasing in some and decreasing in others. Although productivity increased, income per person fell, primarily because of the fall in the terms of trade.


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