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Report on Government Services

Published January 2016

The annual Report on Government Services (RoGS) provides information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of government services in Australia. This report was progressively released between 27 January - 4 February 2016.

How to find what you need in RoGS

Download the infographic

How to find what you need in RoGS infographic. Text version follows.

How to find what you need in RoGS (Text version of infographic)

This guide is to assist you navigating the Report on Government Services web pages to find the information you need.

The RoGS is made up of 7 volumes containing 18 chapters. The titles of the chapters indicate the service areas covered.

Step 1. Visit or search RoGS

Step 2. Access a sector volume. Click on the Volume title in the 'At a Glance' tab.

Step 3. Access a service chapter. Click on the chapter button under the Volume heading.

Step 4. Download information within chapters. Each chapter page contains the following information:

  • Downloadable PDF containing the chapter, attachment tables and data quality information.
  • Excel tables containing all performance and contextual data referred to in the chapters.

Step 5. Read more within the chapter tabs. Each chapter page contains further information as HTML within tabs:

  • Key facts - contains some basic descriptive information and numbers relevant to the service area and its objectives.
  • Indicator framework - contains a graphic of the performance indicator framework for the service area including outputs and outcomes.
  • Indicator results - contains a summary of the performance information for the service area. It is important when using material from this summary to also look at the caveats in the associated attachment tables (the attachment table is referenced under each piece of performance information).
  • Indigenous data - contains a reference list on which attachment tables contain performance data with disaggregation by Indigenous status (or for Indigenous Australians).

Step 6. Navigate within the chapter. There is a generic structure within each chapter which includes the following:

  • Profile of the service - provides important contectual information to understand the service area and the performance results.
  • Framework of performance indicators - lists the objectives for the service area and a figure of the indicator framework (as per the 'Indicator framework' tab on the chapter web page).
  • Key performance indicator results - provides information on the performance for each indicator in the framework drawing on data in the attachment tables. It is important in interpreting these results to consider the associated indicator interpretation boxes in the chapter and the associated attachment tables (both are clearly referenced in the chapter).

The full report is available below.

  • At a glance
  • Media release
Approach to performance reporting

Volume A, published 27 Jan 2016

The Approach to performance reporting volume A includes an introduction to the Report on Government Services 2016 and Statistical context for the service-specific volumes B to G.

Performance measurement Statistical context

Child care, education and training

Volume B, published 04 Feb 2016

The Child care, education and training (CCET) volume B includes performance reporting for Early childhood education and care (ECEC), School education and Vocational education and training (VET).

Sector overview Early childhood education and care School education Vocational education and training


Volume C, published 29 Jan 2016

The Justice volume C includes performance reporting for Police services, Courts and Corrective services.

Sector overview Police services Courts Corrective services

Emergency management

Volume D, published 29 Jan 2016

The Emergency management volume D includes performance reporting for fire and ambulance services.

Sector overview Fire and ambulance services


Volume E, published 02 Feb 2016

The Health volume E includes performance reporting for Primary and community health, Public hospitals and Mental health management.

Sector overview Primary and community health Public hospitals Mental health management

Community services

Volume F, published 27 Jan 2016

The Community services volume F includes performance reporting for Aged care services, Services for people with disability, Child protection services and Youth justice services.

Sector overview Aged care services Services for people with disability Child protection Youth justice

Housing and homelessness

Volume G, published 27 Jan 2016

The Housing and homelessness volume G includes performance reporting for Housing and Homelessness.

Sector overview Housing Homelessness services

This year marks the twenty-first edition of the Report on Government Services. The Report is produced by the Productivity Commission for an inter-governmental Steering Committee.

Peter Harris, Chairman of the Productivity Commission and the Steering Committee, stated 'Governments remain committed to transparency and accountability. High quality information on the performance of government services — including those in this Report — encourages improvements in service delivery, which contributes to improved wellbeing for all Australians.'

He added 'The Report also helps to improve the efficiency of services, with potentially significant economic benefits — governments spent around $192 billion on the services covered in this year's Report, equivalent to around 12 per cent of Australia's national income.'

This comprehensive Report covers 16 separate service areas, and is being released in seven volumes across nine days.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 – 11 am

  • Volume A Approach to performance reporting
  • Volume F Community services (Disability, aged care, child protection and youth justice)
  • Volume G Housing and homelessness

Friday, 29 January 2016 – 11 am

  • Volume C Justice (Police, courts and corrective services)
  • Volume D Emergency management (Fire and ambulance services)

Tuesday, 2 February 2016 – 11 am

  • Volume E Health (Primary and community health, public hospitals, mental health)

Thursday, 4 February 2016 – 11 am

  • Volume B Child care, education and training (Early childhood education and care, schools, vocational education and training)

As each volume is released, related fact sheets will also be released. Improvements in the 2016 Report are outlined in the introductory sections of each service-area chapter. The most recent data will appear on the Productivity Commission website.

Background information

Catherine Andersson (Acting Assistant Commissioner) 03 9653 2354 / 0466 542 771


Media and Publications 03 9653 2244 or email to

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What works?

Proposed reporting framework on 'what works' to improve government service outcomes.

Read the draft reporting framework

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Printed copies of the complete set of volumes for this report can be purchased from Canprint Communications.

Please note: If you do not need the whole Report then you can purchase individual volumes from their respective web pages.

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Indigenous Compendiums

The Indigenous compendium ceased from the 2015 RoGS. From the 2016 RoGS onwards a reference list is now included on the Indigenous data tab on each sector overview/chapter page where performance data are available.

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