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The Commission is committed to transparency by publishing Annual Reports, plans and procedures and other legal documents in the public interest.

Annual reports

The Annual Report provides details of the Commission's operations and reflects on current research activities.

Corporate plan

The Corporate Plan is reviewed annually to reflect changes in our operating environment.

Gifts and benefits register

A register of gifts and benefits accepted, as required by the Australian Public Service Commission’s guidance on gifts and benefits.

Child safe compliance

The Commonwealth Child Safe Framework sets minimum standards for creating and maintaining child safe culture and practices for Australian Government entities. Commonwealth entities are required to publish an annual statement of compliance with the Framework.

Code of conduct breach procedures

The Chair of the Productivity Commission has established procedures for determining whether an APS employee, or former employee, in the Commission has breached the Code of Conduct, and for determining sanctions.

Senate order on non-corporate Commonwealth entities contracts

A list of Productivity Commission contracts as required by the Senate Order on Government Agency contracts.

Access for people with a disability

This agency plan sets out a commitment and approach to addressing awareness, access and opportunities for people with disabilities.

Australian Public Service (APS) Employee Census

The Highlights report contains a summary of the Commission’s Census results across a range of areas, and includes aggregated agency data – as all Census reporting is subject to strict privacy rules.

Freedom of Information procedures and Information Publication Scheme

The Productivity Commission's Freedom of Information procedures and Information Publication Scheme agency plan.

Legal services expenditure

Productivity Commission expenditure on legal services published in compliance with paragraph 11.1 (ba) of the Legal Services Directions 2005.

Public interest disclosure procedures

The Commission encourages people to report suspected serious wrongdoing, and will ensure that those who report, or who are considering making a report, are properly supported and protected from any adverse consequence relating to the reporting.

Senate order: File list

Senate Continuing Order No 10 requires each department and agency to provide on its website an indexed list of the titles of all relevant files, including new parts of existing files, created in the most recent calendar year.

Information policy

This guideline sets out the general policy of the Productivity Commission on the collection, use and disclosure of information.

Service charter

This charter sets out the standards of service you can expect when dealing with us. It also briefly outlines our role, values and processes, and steps you can take if you are not satisfied with the quality of our service.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Committee's role is to provide independent assurance to the Productivity Commission Chair on the Commission's financial and performance reporting responsibilities, risk oversight and management, and system of internal control.