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PC News August 2017

Newsletter of the Productivity Commission.

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Data availability and use - capturing the opportunities of the digital age

Frameworks and protections for data access require major reform to ensure Australia does not miss the economic opportunities provided by the new era of digitisation.

Reforming Australia's intellectual property arrangements

A Productivity Commission inquiry found that Australia’s intellectual property arrangements fall short in many ways.

How should Australia respond to increased global protection?

Rising protectionism within the global economy threatens Australia’s economic wellbeing and future prosperity. A new Commission Research Paper examines the potential impacts on Australia of increased global protection, and outlines policy measures to minimise the impact of this dangerous new trend.

Improving human services through greater choice and competition

A Commission draft report recommends reforms to improve the effectiveness of certain human services by introducing informed user choice and competition.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme – a review of the costs

A Commission position paper on NDIS Costs found that, while it is still early days, the NDIS is on track in terms of costs. However, the speed of the NDIS roll-out, as specified in Bilateral Agreements between governments, has created significant challenges and will require further scrutiny.

The Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation

The Commission’s inquiry into the telecommunications universal service obligation (TUSO) found that the TUSO is no longer fit for purpose. Given technological and market developments the Government’s policy objective should be revised.