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PC News March 2016

Newsletter of the Productivity Commission.

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Barriers to business set-up, transfer and closure

In a recently released inquiry report the Commission provided advice for public policy on disruptive new business models, government approaches to supporting start-up activity, and closure processes for insolvent businesses.

How does Australia's tax and transfer system redistribute income?

Australia's personal income tax and transfer system is less progressive when measured on a lifetime basis rather than at a point in time, but it is still strongly progressive, according to a recent Commission Working Paper.

Housing decisions of older Australians

In a recent research paper, the Commission examined the housing choices of older Australians. The analysis found that older Australians are increasingly remaining at home until very old age...

Developments in Anti-dumping Arrangements

A new Productivity Commission Research Paper finds that changes to Australia's anti-dumping system in recent years have increased its protectionist impact and so increased its net costs for the community as a whole.

Delivering mobile broadband to Australia's public safety agencies

Commercial carriers represent the most efficient, effective and economical approach for delivering mobile broadband to public safety agencies.

Using the Report on Government Services to monitor the performance of government service delivery: Early Childhood Education and Care

RoGS provides transparency of comprehensive, quality information on the performance of services to improve government service delivery and increase accountability.