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PC News December 2017

Newsletter of the Productivity Commission.

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Shifting the dial: Improving Australia's productivity performance

The Productivity Commission’s first five-yearly review of Australia’s productivity performance proposes a Joint Reform Agenda across all Australian jurisdictions.

National Disability Insurance Scheme costs

A Commission study found that NDIS costs are broadly on track with the National Disability Insurance Agency’s long-term modelling, however, this is mainly because scheme participants are not using all the supports in their plans.

Reforming Australia's water resources sector

The National Water Initiative has made a significant contribution to managing Australia’s water resources, but further work remains. A Commission draft report identifies future reform priorities and recommends they be progressed through a renewed national water reform agenda.

Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation – distributing the GST revenue

According to a Commission draft report, the current Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation system is functioning reasonably well in regard to equity, independence and transparency, and stability. However there are deficiencies in a number of areas.

Government assistance to industry

The Commission’s latest Trade and Assistance Review estimates that Australian industry received over $9 billion in net government assistance in 2015-2016. This year’s review also examines some recently announced assistance measures that may stray from best practice.

Understanding government expenditure on services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians

The 2017 Indigenous Expenditure Report provides estimates of government expenditure on services provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Collection models for GST on low value imported goods

A Commission inquiry confirmed that the legislated model being implemented by the Government to collect GST on low value imported goods is the most feasible and practical approach currently available.