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Independent review of job network

Value creation workshop

Released 01 / 2002

This report provides the results of six workshops conducted on behalf of the Productivity Commission to gain first hand the views, opinions and ideas of jobseekers about their experiences in receiving Job Network.

The workshops were held during November and December 2001 in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland involving a total of one hundred jobseekers. Staff from the Productivity Commission, Job Network Providers, Centrelink and Government Departments were also present.

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  • Contents

Section 1   Workshop Results
1.1   Jobseeker description of the Job Network
1.2   Individual Jobseeker descriptions with associated Workshop location
1.3   Consolidated Jobseeker Concerns/Irritants
1.4   Jobseeker Concerns/Irritants by category with associated Workshop location
1.5   Consolidated Jobseeker ‘Ideal Experiences’
1.6   Jobseeker “Ideal Experiences” by category with associated Workshop location
1.7   Consolidated Key Jobseeker Discussion Points
1.8 Consolidated ‘Positive Experiences’ Identified by Jobseekers
1.9   Jobseeker “Positive Experiences” by Category with associated Workshop location

Section 2   Service & Policy Provider Session Results
2.1   Consolidated ‘Issues’ identified by Service & Policy Providers
2.2   Issues identified by Service & Policy Providers by category with associated Workshop location

Appendix 1   Jobseeker Demographics

Appendix 2   Consolidated General Question data

Appendix 3   Consolidated Specific Question data