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Partial equilibrium models of the urban water sectors in Melbourne and Perth


The Commission has undertaken modelling to assist it in evaluating the case for microeconomic reform and to identify priorities for reform in Australia’s urban water sector. Details of the modelling work are documented in technical supplement 1 to the inquiry report. The Commission is also making publicly available the computer files to run the models under the conditions set out below.

Download the model files

After downloading the model, unzip the file. A user’s guide to the model is included with the download and provides instructions on how to run the model.

Productivity Commission conditions for using the computer files

  • The Commission will not provide users of these programs with any support.
  • The Commission accepts no liability for any errors in the programs.
  • Users of the programs, including users that derive new variations of the model, should acknowledge the Productivity Commission. The appropriate citation is:
    Productivity Commission 2011, Australia’s Urban Water Sector, Report no. 55, Canberra.

In downloading these programs, you are accepting these conditions.

System requirements

Users of these programs require licensed software to be able to run and solve the models, including:

  • A compiler for C++ programs (for example, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010).
  • GAMS software and an associated large scale, mixed integer programming solver licensed under GAMS, such as GUROBI (available at

Additionally, to run the full ten period model, sufficient computing power and memory is required. Alternatively, a shorter time horizon model can be run.