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Integrated Tariff Analysis System (ITAS)

Post-Uruguay Tariffs

ITAS was designed to analyse the effects of tariff reduction formulas on applied tariffs on industrial products. In doing so, the developers of ITAS estimated a set of applied tariffs that are consistent with the Uruguay Round outcomes. These estimates provide a good basis for analysing any implications of Doha negotiations on industrial tariffs.

Post-Uruguay applied tariffs are estimated as the minimum of the post-Uruguay bound rate (which is known in advance and will be a ceiling for post-Uruguay applied rates) and the latest available applied rates for each product and trade route. The files for the following countries contain these post-Uruguay tariffs for each (industrial) product and trading partner.

The countries are:

The post-Uruguay bound rates (tu_bound) are in column H and estimates of post-Uruguay applied tariffs (tu_app) are in column G. Both variables have been aggregated to the 6-digit level. These tariffs for Bangladesh (PDF - 73 Kb) do not distinguish between trading partners.