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Integrated Tariff Analysis System (ITAS)

Market Access

ITAS contains trade and tariff data collected from the import side for 19 countries. The bilateral nature of these data allows us to extract and analyse data for a particular country's exports to the remaining importing countries.

The market access module consolidates information across importing countries to allow the user to examine the level of market access available to a particular country's exports. In order to do this, an export database is generated by extracting export data for a particular country from the imports data file for each of the countries in ITAS. For example, data for Australian exports is built up progressively by examining the data file for each of the remaining ITAS countries and extracting data for which the exporting partner is Australia.

The market access module has been included to demonstrate the framework used to analyse access to other markets for a particular country's exports. The module currently identifies Australia as the only exporter, and partner countries are limited to the other countries in ITAS. The module could be extended to examine market access for exports from other ITAS countries.

Once the export data file is created, the market access module is then used to generate the following market access information:

Please note that users cannot currently examine a country's exports to Bangladesh without additional information, as the source (import) data for Bangladesh do not contain partner information. For Australian exports, this problem was solved by using ABS export data to identify the HS6 items Australia exports to Bangladesh and extracting tariff data for those items from the Bangladesh imports file.