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Integrated Tariff Analysis System (ITAS)

Running ITAS

ITAS is run through a 'batch file', COMBB.BAT. Once ITAS has been installed, this file is to be found at C:\ITAS\Merge\COMBB.BAT. COMBB.BAT 'calls' a series of other batch files, which in turn call all the necessary SAS programs in the correct order.

COMBB.BAT is run from a 'command prompt' or 'DOS box' (this is opened from within a Windows operating system under 'Accessories' in the Start menu). To run ITAS, with no changes to the version supplied by the Productivity Commission, it is necessary to run the batch file from within the Merge folder in the DOS box.

This is done by typing the following line:
CD \ITAS\Merge            [followed by enter]

The .BAT file is then started by typing the line:
COMBB > COMBB.LOG            [followed by enter]

This will run ITAS from the initial database to the final output stage. A log of this process will be written to COMBB.LOG in the Merge directory.

Please remember that the master data preparation module is currently deactivated due to the confidentiality of the WTO data. Similarly, in the import tariffs module, the programs MER_UBND.SAS and HSX_AVE.SAS refer directly to primary WTO data, and are rendered inactive.

Instructions as to how to activate these programs in the appropriate batch files are contained within the ITAS READ ME file (found in the 'unzipped' ITAS folder).