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Integrated Tariff Analysis System (ITAS)

Installing ITAS

ITAS is available on CD-ROM by contacting the ITAS team. Please note that ITAS is highly dependent upon the directory structure of the folders in which the programs and data files are held. For ITAS to run, it is important that the directory references within all the programs are consistent. As contained in the zip file, the ITAS programs are based on a directory structure shown below. If files are to be held in a different directory, please make appropriate adjustments to all programs contained within ITAS.

To install ITAS:

  1. Open ITAS.exe - this is a self-extracting zip file that includes the compressed ITAS files and software to extract these files. This will bring up a 'File Download' screen, where the user is presented with options of opening or saving the ITAS.exe file. Due to the size of the ITAS.exe file, it will take approximately 30 seconds for this screen to appear.
  2. Choose to 'open' ITAS.exe.
  3. This will lead to a 'Winzip self-extractor' screen to appear (again taking around 30 seconds). Ensure that the self-extractor is set to extract to C:\. Press the 'unzip' button on this screen. This will ensure that the contents of ITAS.exe are placed in a folder labelled ITAS, in the C: drive. This extraction process will take approximately 3 minutes.
  4. The ITAS programs and output are then available in the ITAS directory on the C drive.

System Requirements

ITAS is run using SAS BASE, Version 8. It also produces output in MS Excel format. Both of these programs are required to run ITAS. Batch files are used to run the SAS programs within ITAS. These batch files are operated by using the command (DOS) prompt.

ITAS requires a significant amount of space on the hard drive of the computer being used to run it. These requirements are (approximately):

  • ITAS.exe file - 0.11 Gb
  • ITAS unzipped - 0.88 Gb
  • ITAS run from initial database stage (as supplied on CD) - 6.85 Gb
  • ITAS run from primary WTO data sources (not supplied on CD) - 10.75 Gb.

ITAS was tested on a computer with a Pentium 4 processor (2400 Mhz), 1 Gb RAM, 40 Gb Hard drive, and running the Windows XP Service Pack 1 operating system. It took 2 hours and 54 minutes to run ITAS from the initial database (as supplied) to completion. If the program is to be run from the primary WTO data sets, thus including the master data preparation module, this will take an extra 53 minutes.