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Integrated Tariff Analysis System (ITAS)

ITAS Modules

The master data preparation module processes Consolidated Tariff Schedule (CTS) and Integrated Database (IDB) data for each ITAS country, producing standardised bilateral tariff data at the HS6 level of product classification. This standardised data set is referred to as the initial database. It is this initial database that is included with the ITAS programs.

A range of Girard, Chinese and Swiss formulas are applied to the initial database, producing a final database. Formulas applied to the initial database may be adjusted in the appropriate programs.

It is from the final database that a range of summary output is extracted by the various analysis modules.

  • The import tariff module summarises the effects of formulas upon tariffs on a country's imports, from all countries.
  • The market access module summarises the effects of formulas on tariffs faced by a country's exports to other ITAS countries. This module is currently set only to produce results for Australia, although it may be modified to produce results for other ITAS countries.
  • The price module summarises the direct effects of formulas upon the duty-paid prices of imported goods.
  • The tariff revenue module demonstrates a framework for calculating initial revenue implications of tariff reduction scenarios. As with the market access module, the tariff revenue module is set to produce results for Australia at present, but may also be modified to produce results for other ITAS countries.
  • The economic modelling input module is used to generate 'shocks' induced by formula-based changes to tariff structures that may then be used in general equilibrium analysis.

Confidentiality of primary data

Confidentiality requirements preclude the provision of primary IDB and CTS data. As a result, tariff data are supplied with this package at the HS6 level in the initial database.

However, the SAS programs used to standardise the primary data for each country, referred to as the master data preparation module, are included in the ITAS package. These programs that transform the primary IDB and CTS data into the initial database are not 'active' in the version of ITAS supplied, due to the restrictions on the data files to which they refer. The HSX_AVE.SAS and MER_UBND.SAS programs (found within the import tariff module), are also inactive as they require access to the primary data. Instructions as to how these elements of ITAS may be activated are contained in the READ ME file in the unzipped ITAS folder.