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Integrated Tariff Analysis System (ITAS)

Tariff Revenues

Effects on government revenue have a significant role in the analysis of tariff reductions. The tariff revenue module is included to demonstrate a framework for calculating initial revenue implications of tariff reduction scenarios. Australia is currently the only country for which revenue calculations are available in ITAS, although this module could be readily extended to calculate the revenue impacts for other countries in ITAS.

The product of each bilateral import value and its corrsponding applied tariff is aggregrated to provide an estimate of tariff revenue (duty collections). Initial and final applied rates are used to estimate the change in tariff revenue. Tariff revenue calculated this way is an estimate and depends upon assumptions made in collecting and standardising the tariff data. For example, revenue gained from items subject to 'specific' tariffs is excluded from this calculation. These estimates of tariff revenue do not take into account changes in the volume or value of trade that result from changes in tariffs.

The tariff revenue file, includes both percentage and value changes in tariff revenue under the Girard, Swiss and Chinese tariff reduction scenarios. Changes in tariff revenue directly attributable to product groupings such as Textiles, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) and Passenger Motor Vehicles (PMV) are also included. This file also contains variable definitions.