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Linking Regional Models in WALRAS

Salter Working Paper Number 2

Linking Regional Models in WALRAS by Robert McDougall is Working Paper number 2 of The SALTER Model of the World Economy: Model Structure, Database and Parameters.

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1   Introduction

2   Choice of Specification
2.1   Import Demands
2.2   Export Supplies
2.3   The Treatment of the Rest of the World

3   Structure of the Inter-Regional Linking Extension to WALRAS
3.1   Introduction
3.2   Demands for Inputs into Current Production
3.3   Investment Demand
3.4   Consumer Demand
3.5   Export Demand
3.6   Government Demand
3.7   Change in Stocks
3.8   Demand for Imports by the Rest of the World
3.9   The Price System
3.10   The Market-Clearing Equations
3.11   Miscellaneous Equations and Macro Identities

4   The Linearised Inter-Regional Linking Extension

5   Model Closure


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