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Salter Working Paper Number 13

SINTIA - A Guide to Collecting Tariff Rate Data for SALTER by James Tormey is Working Paper number 13 in the development of The SALTER Model of the World Economy.

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1   The use of SlNTlA tariff rates in the SALTER database
The SINTIA project
Overview and results of the SINTIA project

2   A summary of SlNTlA
Introduction to SINTIA
SINTIA primary data files
SINTIA secondary data files
SINTIA output functions
Using the reporting function

3   Creating new SlNTlA data
Creating a SINTIA file
Formatting SINTIA data files

Appendix A   Concordances

Appendix B   SINTIA data files and data sources

Appendix C   System setup to run SINTIA

Appendix D   Australian data supplied by the Assistance Evaluation Branch of the Industry Commission


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