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Matching Input-output Data to International Trade Data and Assembling a Salter Database

Salter Working Paper Number 19

Matching Input-output Data to International Trade Data and Assembling a Salter Database by Stephen Brown, Alexandra Strzelecki and Greg Watts is Working Paper number 19 in the development of The SALTER Model of the World Economy.

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1   Introduction

2   Preparing homogeneous single region input-output databases
Individual region adjustments
Commonplace adjustments
Compulsory adjustments

3   The update procedure
Gross National Expenditure
Trade structure
Tax rates
Changes in stocks
Relative oil price index
Inclusion of the fiscal data
TABLO implementation

4   Constructing the multi-region database
The marginal budget share
Export taxes and exports by destination and margins
Import taxes and imports by source region
Data for the capital mobility extension
TABLO implementation

Appendix A   Individual and commonplace adjustments made to the single region input-output tables

Appendix B   Calculating value added for the Malaysian database

Appendix C   Derivation of imports by commodity

Appendix D   Disaggregation: descriptions of the 'naive split' and ras methods

Appendix E   Data requirements for the single region naive splits

Appendix F   Calculating shocks to the relative oil import price index

Appendix G   Outlining the procedure used to include the fiscal data

Appendix H   Fiscal and macroeconomic data collected

Appendix I   Data required for the multi-country Salter database

Appendix J   Derivation of data for the capital mobility extension

Appendix K   Data requirements for the capital mobility extension

Appendix L   A computing guide to updating single region databases and construction of the multi-region database


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