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Early Stage Processing of International Trade and Input-Output Data for SALTER

Salter Working Paper Number 15

Early Stage Processing of International Trade and Input-Output Data for SALTER by John Hambley is Working Paper number 15 in the development of The SALTER Model of the World Economy.

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1   Introduction

2   Scope, standards and concordances
Country and commodity-industry standards
SALTER industry link to ISIC
SALTER classification concordances

3   International trade data
Data sources
Countries except Australia
Filling gaps in the international trade data
Amending the original data
Imports for Australia and Canada
Re-allocating Hong Kong re-exports (other than for China, Taiwan and Rest of the World)
Hong Kong trade data (net of re-exports)
Trade between Indonesia and Singapore
China's trade with Korea and Thailand
Creating reporter country data for China and Taiwan

4   Input-output data
Sources of input-output data
Classification mapping
Principles and procedures for processing imports in input-output data
Non-square input-output tables
Final input-output tables

Appendix A   Classification concordances

Appendix B   International goods valuation margins

Appendix C   Hong Kong international trade data

Appendix D   International trade data

Appendix E   Input-output data

Appendix F   Computer aspects


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