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FIT: An Input-Output Data Update Facility for SALTER

Salter Working Paper Number 17

FIT - An Input-Output Data Update Facility for SALTER by Marianne James and Robert McDougall is Working Paper number 17 in the development of The SALTER Model of the World Economy.

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1   Introduction

2   The single-region input-output tables

3   The objectives of the later-stage processing
Adjusting the input-output tables to data for international trade
Adjusting the input-output tables to data for industry assistance
Adjusting the input-output tables to macroeconomic data
Eliminating changes in stocks

4   The approach to the task
The input-output approach
The import revision task: an information theory approach
Setting import volumes in the quantity module
Underdetermination of the input-output coefficients
Applying information theory to the import revision task
Implementing the import revision procedure in FIT
The import revision task: the import price scenario

5   The theoretical structure of FIT
The input-output quantity model
The input-output price model
The optimisation module
The miscellaneous equations module

6   Implementation and operation

Appendix A   The information theory solution to the import revision problem

Appendix B   The theoretical structure of FIT: summary tables

Appendix C   Header array structures for files input into FIT

Appendix D   Tablo source code for FIT


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