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The SALTER Model: Construction of the European Database

Salter Working Paper Number 10

The SALTER Model - Construction of the European Database by Cillian Ryan is Working Paper number 10 in the development of The SALTER Model of the World Economy.

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1   Introduction

2   Data Sources: General Overview

3   Prices

4   Aggregation of the 12 Countries

5   Sectoral Disaggregation

6   EC7 and Country Specific Comments
6.1   EC7 Table Manipulations
6.2   Spain
6.3   Portugal
6.4   Greece
6.5   Ireland
6.6   Luxemburg
6.7   Duty
6.8   Freight
6.9   Income Tax and Transfer Payments (Table)
6.10   Capital Stock
6.11   Marginal Tax Rate
6.12   Depreciation Rate
6.13   Other Significant Alterations to the Table
6.14   Updating


References and Sources

Appendix 1   Input-Output Table for European Community
Intermediate Production
Final Demands
Intermediate Imports
Final Imports
Primary Inputs

Appendix 2   Concordance Between Salter 34 Sector Table, ECR59, SITC, and NACE Classifications

Appendix 3   Concordance Between Salter 34 Sector Classification and Irish Classification

Appendix 4   Details on taxes provided (by sector) in individual EC Input-Output Tables

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