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The SALTER Model of the World Economy: Model Structure, Database and Parameters

Salter Working Paper Number 24

The SALTER Model of the world Economy: Model Structure, Database and Parameters by Jornini, P., McDougall, R., Watts, G. and Dee, P.S., is Working Paper number 24 in the development of The SALTER Model of the World Economy.

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Wilfred Edward Graham Salter

1   The SALTER model structure
1.1   Regions and commodities
1.2   The economic structure of the SALTER model
1.3   Solving the linear system of equations
1.4   Economic environments

2   The benchmark data set
2.1   Construction of the database
2.2   Relative sizes and characteristics of modelled regions
2.3   Industry assistance data

3   Parameter settings
3.1   Elasticities of substitution among primary factors
3.2   Trade elasticities in the SALTER model
3.3   Consumer demand parameters
3.4   The elasticity of labour supply

Appendix A   The theoretical specification of the SALTER model

Appendix B   Consumer demand and trade elasticities


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