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An economy-wide view: Speeches on structural reform

Gary Banks

Released 29 March 2010.

This volume, with a foreword by noted Australian journalist Paul Kelly, contains edited versions of speeches delivered over the past dozen years in a variety of settings. They were selected for inclusion according to the significance and contemporary relevance of the issues they address, as reflected in continuing requests for them on the Commission's website.

Download by parts

  • Preliminaries (PDF - 209 Kb)
    Cover, Copyright, Preface, Foreword and Contents
  • Part 1 Structural reform: past achievements, future challenges (PDF - 381 Kb)
    Structural reform Australian-style: lessons for others?
    Gaining from trade liberalisation: reflections on Australia's experience
    Australia's economic 'miracle'
    Industry policy for a productive Australia
    Riding the third wave: some challenges in national reform
    Back to the future: restoring Australia's productivity growth
  • Part 2 Regulation and competition as drivers of performance (PDF - 307 Kb)
    The good, the bad and the ugly: economic perspectives on regulation in Australia
    Reducing the regulatory burden: the way forward
    Regulation for Australia's federation in the 21st century
    The 'baby and the bath water': avoiding mishaps in regulating infrastructure
    Competition and the public interest
    Competition is the best price regulator
    Inter-state bidding wars: calling a truce
  • Part 3 Social policy: some key reform issues (PDF - 306 Kb)
    Health costs and policy in an ageing Australia
    Reviewing the service performance of Australian governments
    Indigenous disadvantage: assessing policy impacts
    Strong Indigenous organisations show the way
    Human capital, the universities and microeconomic reform
    The Productivity Commission's gambling inquiry: three years on
  • Part 4 The role of institutions and processes (PDF - 249 Kb)
    Evidence-based policy making: What is it? How do we get it?
    Markets: how free?
    Domestic transparency and trade liberalisation
    Why have a Productivity Commission?
    Great expectations: management (and other) lessons from the Regulation Taskforce
  • Part 5 Tributes (PDF - 109 Kb)
    The contribution to public policy of Professor Richard Hal Snape
    Bert's legacy: a talk to the 'Society of Modest Members'
    Building a career on solid foundations: advice to new graduates
  • References (PDF - 69 Kb)

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