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Gambling in Australia: Are we balancing the equation?

Chairman's speech

Gary Banks gave a keynote presentation to the Australian Gaming Expo Conference in Sydney on 19 August 2007 on the topic Gambling in Australia: are we balancing the equation?

  • Contents


An industry 'in balance'?

A chronology of liberalisation

Rapid growth in spending

An increasingly alarmed community

The Productivity Commission's 1998-99 public inquiry tasks

Extensive public and industry interaction

The key findings in 1999

The key recommendations

My 2002 'update'

Exponential growth in spending

Expenditure growth has slowed

Per capita spending has plateaued too

Tax share from gambling also affected

Pokies dominate gaming expenditure

Pokies also looming larger in total gambling expenditure

Gambling spending varies across jurisdictions

Trends in (per capita) spending on pokies also vary

Estimating 'prevalence' of problem gambling: some indicative questions

Problem gambling survey results: apples vs oranges

Tasmania as an example

Most consistent estimates are Queensland (CPGI)

Some priorities as seen in 2002

Consumer protection measures

Signage in 2003 (Vic.)

Signage today in Vic. (same venue)

Signage in NSW

Consumer protection measures

Limiting access to cash at venues

'Self control' measures remain inadequate

SA Independent Inquiry into Smartcard Technology, 2005

Gambling research – deficiencies remain

A National Gambling Research Institute

Best practice governance

Summing up