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NCP and beyond: An agenda for national reform

Chairman's speech

On 6 Dec 2004, the Chairman Gary Banks gave an address, NCP and beyond: an agenda for national reform, to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) in Melbourne.

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NCP and beyond: an agenda for national reform


The backdrop

NCP’s ambitious agenda

What has NCP delivered?
It has delivered price benefits, especially for businesses
It has provided a range of other benefits
The benefits have been widely spread

NCP has not been an unqualified success

What reform lessons emerge?

Why further reform is needed
Fortunately (?) the scope for further gains is large

What criteria for nationally coordinated reform?

Key elements of a proposed agenda
Infrastructure reform must continue to be a high priority
Not all anti-competitive regulation has been properly addressed
Australia’s competition and regulatory architecture can be further improved
Coordinated national reform should extend beyond the current NCP
Health care and natural resource management are the highest priorities
Other human services areas are important, but not priorities for CoAG?
Reform elsewhere is also needed

Robust institutional arrangements to underpin reforms

Attachment: The Commission’s preliminary future reform agenda