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Public inquiries in policy formulation: Australia's Productivity Commission

Chairman's speech

Productivity Commission Chairman Gary Banks gave an address to the International Workshop: Australia’s Public Inquiry Experience and Economic System Reform in China, hosted by the China-Australia Governance Program in Beijing, China, on 3 September 2007.

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The process spectrum in policy development

The Productivity Commission
Communitywide perspective

Main elements of the Commission's inquiry process
Initiation of an inquiry
Public consultation
Government response

Common questions about the Commission's role and activities
How does the Commission maintain its independence?
Does the Commission's independence cause difficulties for government?
How influential are Productivity Commission inquiries and reports?
What is the Commission's relationship to other bodies?
What is the skill mix of the Commission's inquiry staff?
What sort of analysis is undertaken by the Commission?

Summing up

Appendix   Sample terms of reference