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Reviewing the service performance of Australian governments

Chairman's speech

On 20 February 2002, the Chairman Gary Banks gave a speech to the 'Measuring and Managing Government Performance Summit', Rydges Hotel, Canberra, hosted by the International Quality & Productivity Centre. In part of his speech, the Chairman responds to some recent criticisms of the 'Review of Commonwealth/State Service Provision' by members of the NSW judiciary.

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Why measure performance?

How the Review is structured

Some guiding principles

The coverage and scope of the Review

The 'efficiency and effectiveness' framework

Developing performance indicators

Improving Indigenous reporting

Common misunderstandings about the Review

Some criticisms of the Review
'The data are imperfect'
'There are gaps in some important areas.'
'Some activities cannot or should not be measured for performance'
The Judges' objections

Challenges for the futureReferences