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Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage in Australia

Chairman's speech

Productivity Commission Chairman Gary Banks gave a speech to an OECD World Forum on 'Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies' in Istanbul on 29 June.

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Some 'headline' statistics

Demographic context

Some historical and policy background

Renewed government commitment and new policy approaches

COAG agreement to monitor progress

A 'strategic' reporting framework

Attention to implementation priorities
'Headline' indicators provide a snapshot
The innovation: 'strategic areas for action'
A holistic approach
Broad endorsement by Indigenous people

Are things getting better in the 'strategic areas'?

What do the available data tell us in each of the seven 'strategic areas for action'?

'Things that work' can add up

Some concluding remarks
Date deficiencies remain in key areas
Some progress in 'embedding' the reporting framework
Looking forward