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Reducing the regulatory burden: The way forward

Chairman's speech

On 17 May 2006, the Chairman Gary Banks, who chaired the Taskforce on Reducing the Regulatory Burden on Business gave a public address at the Monash Centre for Regulatory Studies, Melbourne.

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The task in context

The stakes are high

Culling the ‘stock’

Priority reforms to existing regulation

Reducing regulatory creep

Inter-jurisdictional overlaps and inconsistencies.

Removing regulation that is redundant or not justified by policy intent

Reducing reporting and recording burdens

Aligning definitions and criteria

Priorities for further review

Tackling the underlying causes

Principles of good regulatory process

Better analysis and consultation

Enforcing good regulation-making

Ensuring good performance by regulators

The Government’s response (thus far)

Culling the stock

Controlling the flow

Moving forward