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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Visual Arts and Crafts

Preparing final report

What is a study?

  • Why the study?
  • Issues paper
  • Draft report
  • Final report

What we’ve been asked to look at

The Productivity Commission was asked to examine the value, nature and structure of markets for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and crafts, and policies to address deficiencies in these markets.

Read the Terms of Reference Media release

Issues paper release and initial submissions

The Commission released an issues paper that set out some of the issues and questions that people raise with us in the early stage of the study.

The issues paper was a guide for people in preparing a submission or comment to the study.

Participants should have provided evidence to support the views in their submission or comment, including data and specific examples where possible.

The issues paper was released on 21 September 2021.

Initial submissions were due by 13 December 2021.

Read the issues paper

Draft report release

The Commission sought further information and feedback following the release of a draft report on 19 July 2022.

Submissions were due by 29 August 2022.

Read the draft report

Final report to Government and release

The final study report is to be handed to the Australian Government in November 2022 and publicly released shortly after.

Next milestone

Final report to be sent to Government in November 2022


Who are the Commissioners?

Romlie Mokak
Lisa Gropp
Joanne Chong

Who to contact

Sarah Crawford
Ph: 03 9653 2297


Free call: 1800 020 083

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