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Closing the Gap Review

Engagement approach released

What is a study?

  • Why the study?
  • Engaging with study
  • Draft report
  • Final report

What we’ve been asked to look at

Parties to the National Agreement on Closing the Gap agreed that the Commission will undertake a comprehensive review of progress every three years. This is the first review to inform the ongoing implementation of the Agreement by highlighting areas of improvement and emphasising where additional effort is required to close the gap.

Read the Terms of Reference Media release

How to engage with the study

The Commission has released its intended approach to engagement through the Review process. It sets out the objective, principles and practices for engagement.

Read about our engagement approach

Draft report release

The Commission will seek further information and feedback following the expected release of a draft report at a date yet to be advised.

Final report to Joint Council and release

The final study report is to be handed to the Joint Council on Closing the Gap in December 2023 and publicly released shortly after.

Next milestone

Approach to the Review in October/November.


Who are the Commissioners?

Romlie Mokak

Who to contact

Sarah Crawford
Ph: 03 9653 2297


Free call: 1800 020 083

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