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Productivity Inquiry

First interim report released

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What is an inquiry?

  • Why the inquiry?
  • Call for submissions
  • Interim reports
  • Final report

What we’ve been asked to look at

The Productivity Commission has been asked to review Australia’s productivity performance and recommend an actionable roadmap to assist governments to make productivity-enhancing reforms.

This Inquiry is the second in a series, undertaken at 5 yearly intervals – the previous Inquiry was completed in 2017.

Read the Terms of Reference Media release

Call for submissions paper

The Commission has released a paper calling for submissions and comments to the Inquiry. Individuals and organisations providing submissions or comments should provide evidence to support their views, including data and specific examples where possible.

Initial submissions were due by 23 March 2022.

Read the call for submissions paper

Interim reports

Productivity growth is about harnessing our ingenuity to do more with the resources we already have — working smarter, not harder — and investing in the latest technology and the best ideas.

The Productivity Inquiry focuses on the enablers of productivity growth in a modern, market-based, service-oriented world. The first interim report provides the broad productivity context for the exploration of productivity-enhancing reforms detailed in a series of forthcoming interim reports.

You are invited to examine this initial interim report.

Final submissions are due by Friday 7 October 2022.

Read The Key to Prosperity interim report

Final report to Government and release

The final inquiry report is to be handed to the Australian Government in February 2023.

The release of the final report by the Government is the final step in the process.

Under the Productivity Commission Act 1998, the Government is required to table the report in each House of the Parliament within 25 sitting days of receipt.

Next milestone

Focus area interim reports to be released shortly.


Who are the Commissioners?

Lisa Gropp
Stephen King

Who to contact

Tracey Horsfall
Ph: 02 6240 3261


Free call: 1800 020 083

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