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Assistance to agricultural and manufacturing industries

Industry Commission information paper

This paper was released in March 1995.

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  • Contents

Cover, Copyright, Contents, Glossary, Preface

1   Introduction
The role of assistance measurement
Benefits of assistance reductions
Structure of the report

2   Measures, method and interpretation
Assistance measures
Background to development of the ERA
Underlying concepts
Associated measures
Choice of benchmark prices
Comparasions of assistance
Coverage of forms of assistance

3   Agricultural assistance
Forms of assistance
Sources of change
Disparities in assistance

4   Manufacturing assistance
Major government decisions affecting assistance to manufacturing industries, 1968–69 to 1993–94
Consumer tax and subsidy equivalents
Forms of assistance to manufacturing
Disparities in assistance


1   The ERA and associated measures

2   Sources of changes in manufacturing assistance

3   Forms of assistance

4   Tariff assistance

5   Agricultural assistance estimates

6   Manufacturing assistance estimates


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