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Modified Demographic and Economic Model (MoDEM 1.0)

Please note: This version of MoDEM 1.0 has been superseded by MoDEM 2.0.

This model should only be used for reproducing results from:

MoDEM 1.0 was created for the Commission's report on Economic Implications of an Ageing Australia (PC 2005). It was modified for the report on Potential Benefits of the National Reform Agenda (PC 2007).

MoDEM 1.0 is used to calculate population, labour supply and GDP projections under different socioeconomic assumptions. Key results include population size, dependency ratios, aggregate participation rates, GDP and GDP per capita. Two sets of projections can be compared to evaluate the effects of a change in assumptions. Projections generated with the model are conditional, based on assumptions about demography and labour supply. They are not forecasts.

MoDEM 1.0 consists of three parts:

  1. demographic projection module
  2. labour projection module
  3. optional module to disaggregate the national projections to the state and territory level - the State and Territory Disaggregation Module (STDM).

The population and labour modules are contained in an excel file MoDEM 01.xls. The STDM module is in STDM 01.xls.

A new, upgraded version of this model - MoDEM 2.0 - with a user-friendly interface is now available for download.

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