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Living, labour and environmental standards and the WTO

Staff working paper

This paper by Tom Nankivell was released in August 2003.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, Preface, Abbreviations, Introduction

1   The economic effects of trade liberalisation and the WTO
1.1   The impact of trade and its liberalisation on economic growth
1.2   The effects on living standards, inequality and poverty
1.3   The contribution of the WTO
1.4 Summing-up

2   Core labour standards and the WTO
2.1   The debate about labour standards, the ILO and the WTO
2.2   Feasibility
2.3   National sovereignty issues
2.4   Effectiveness
2.5   Australia’s domestic interests
2.6   Other approaches
2.7   Summing-up

3   The environment and the WTO
3.1   The trade-environment link
3.2   The ‘win-win’ trade reforms
3.3   Trade rule constraints on environmental policies
3.4   Domestic health and environmental standards
3.5 Unilateral restrictions on imports produced unsustainably
3.6   Multilateral environmental agreements
3.7   Summing-up

A   The economic literature on core labour standards
A.1   Labour market efficiency arguments
A.2   Public good/externality arguments