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What future for price surveillance?

Office of Regulation Review submission

This submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs was released in September 1994. The submission to the PSA's review builds on its views on competition policy in its discussion paper Pro-competitive Regulation, with additional research and the findings of recent Industry Commission inquiries that have dealt with prices surveillance.

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  • Contents

Contents, Preface, Summary

1   Introduction

2   When is Market Power a Problem?
2.1   Defining the relevant market
2.2   Assessing the degree of competition and market power
2.3   Co-ordinated behaviour among sellers

3   Forms of Prices Surveillance
3.1   The PSA’s current approach
3.2   CPI minus X price caps
3.3   Price caps and the transition from monopoly
3.4   Summing up

4   When should Prices Oversight be Used?
4.1   Prices oversight — monitoring, surveillance or control?
4.2   The PSA’s review guidelines would benefit from a sequential structure
4.3   Apply prices surveillance to dominant firms
4.4   Applying the market dominance test to current declarations
4.5   Prices monitoring in border-line cases


Table of Legal Cases

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