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Review of approaches to satisfaction surveys of clients of disability services

Consultancy report

This consultancy report was released in December 1998. The research reports on the effectiveness of Australia's disability services from clients prospective. The Disability Services Working Group are to provide on a mix methodology for a survey to be nationally comparable information within the area of study. All major attempts to measure clients, consumers, and family members/carer satisfaction with disability services will be assessed upon clearfully. The research will help identify what improved level of services is possible and improve ways in services are provided to the community.

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  • Contents

Cover, Table of Contents, Executive Summary

1 Introduction
1.1 Background of this review
1.2 The nature of nationally comparable information on client satisfaction with disability services

2 Notes on the Satisfaction Surveys Reviewed
2.1 Disability Services Commission (WA) Telephone consumer satisfaction survey
2.2 Health and Community Services (VIC) ATSS consumer satisfaction survey
2.3 Department of Human Services (VIC) Public Mental Health Services consumer and carers satisfaction survey
2.4 Colorado Dept of Human Services (USA) Colorado Progress Assessment Review (COPAR)
2.5 National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disability Services (NASDDDS) and the Human Services Research Institute (HSRII) (USA) Core Indicators Project (CIP)

3 Current Good Practice - Achievement and Limitations of Large Scale Satisfaction Surveys of

Disability Services
3.1 Purpose of the Survey
3.2 Understanding of the Concept of Consumer Satisfaction with Disability Services
3.3 Understanding of the Properties of Consumer Satisfaction Ratings in the Disability Sector
3.4 Sampling Procedures
3.5 Ethical Issues
3.6 Data collection methods
3.7 Survey design and format for people with disabilities

4 Context of the Proposed Satisfaction Survey
4.1 The population of CSDA funded services and their consumers
4.2 What state and Commonwealth disability services want from a national consumer satisfaction survey
4.3 Requirements on states to have quantitative measures of consumer satisfaction with disability services
4.4 Differences in the definition of disability and the populations served across states
4.5 Relationship between CSDA funded services and state services for people with disabilities
4.6 Co-ordination services and disability support services

5 Survey Options - Description of Feasible Options within Budget Range
5.1 General considerations
5.2 Option Two - Consumer satisfaction plus family satisfaction mail survey (National comparison)
5.3 Option Two - Consumer satisfaction plus family satisfaction mail survey (National comparison)
5.4 Option Three - Consumer satisfaction plus family satisfaction phone survey (National comparison)
5.5 Option Four - Consumer satisfaction plus family satisfaction mail survey (State comparisons)

Attachment A Annotated Bibliography

Attachment B Survey Reviews

Attachment C Core Indicators Project: Canditate Indicators

Attachment D Core Indicators Project - Consumer Survey

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