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Framework for greenhouse emission trading in Australia

Industry Commission staff research paper

This paper by Antonia Cornwell, Johanna Travis and Don Gunasekera, was released in December 1997.

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Cover, Copyright, Acknowledgments, Contents, Abbreviations, Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   Role of economic instruments
1.2   Structure of the report

2   Defining the issues in emission trading and some design options
2.1   Defining the product
2.2   Market participants
2.3   Allocating permits
2.4   Administering the scheme
2.5   Market issues
2.6 Incorporating carbon sequestration

3   Issues for implementation
3.1   Role of existing initiatives
3.2   Possible emission reduction scenarios
3.3   Interface with an international trading scheme
3.4   Areas for further work


A   Current pattern of greenhouse gas emissions
A.1   Australia's emissions in perspective
A.2   Greenhouse gas emissions from non-energy sources
A.3   Energy and related greenhouse gas emissions

B   Sulphur dioxide emission trading in the United States
B.1   Description of the scheme
B.2   Lessons from the scheme


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