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BLADE for productivity research

Staff working paper

This paper by Henry McMillan and Colin Burns was released on 5 May 2021. It discusses the uses and limitations of the Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) for economic research. BLADE is a comprehensive administrative dataset covering almost all Australian businesses between 2001 and 2019 with much potential.

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BLADE code

The accompanying code is intended to create longitudinal datasets out of BLADE components with proper R object formatting. The code parses required BLADE variables and imputes missing values with XGBoost. This version of the code was designed for the 2017-18 release of BLADE and may require tweaking for newer releases. All code is subject to the attached licence file (MIT).

The core components of the code are:

  • BLADE parser functions (contained in the R folder)
  • Initial BLADE parse and missing value imputation model matrix creation
  • Missing value imputation model estimation
  • Application of model to BLADE.

Further information is documented in the zip file.

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