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Specialized container transport's declaration application

Industry Commission submission

The Submission to the National Competition Council on Specialized Container Transport's Declaration Application was released in May 1997. It discusses a number of issues relevant to the National Competition Council's (NCC) consideration of Specialized Container Transport's (SCT) application for declaration of the Sydney-Broken Hill railway track service.

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Cover, Copyright, Contents, AbbreviatIons, Summary

1   Introduction
1.1   Background
1.2   SCT's declaration application
1.3   Criteria for declaration
1.4   Structure of this submission

2   Essential Facility Considerations
2.1   Natural monopoly
2.2   Competition in related markets
2.2.1   The bulk freight market
2.2.2   The non-bulk freight market

3   The NSW Rail Access Regime
3.1   SCT's concerns
3.2   Some pricing issues raised by SCT
3.2.1   Inter-network access price differences
3.2.2   Infrastructure pricing
3.3   Rail and road equity issues
3.4   Facilitating access through commercial negotiation
3.4.1   Negotiations under the NSW Code
3.5   The Code's coal pricing principles and SCT's application

Appendix A   Freight Transport - Some Modal Characteristics


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