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The measurement of effective rates of assistance in Australia

Industry Commission working paper

This working paper examines the practical aspects of measuring and interpreting effective rate of assistance measures in Australia. It was prepared for the OECD and presented on 7-8 April 1992 to an ad hoc meeting of experts in Paris.

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  • Contents

Cover, Preface, Contents, Abbreviations and explanations, Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Policy applicability and impact

Chapter 3 The effectiive rate of assistanace

Chapter 4 The Industry Commission's manufacturing effective rates measurement system

Attachment 1 Details of the manufacturing effective rates system

Attachment 2 The treatment of major forms of assistance

Attachment 3 Correlations between estimates of nominal and effective rates of assistance in Australia

Attachment 4 Alternative formulae for the effective rate of assistance

Attachment 5 Relationships between ERA measures and producer subsidy equivalents

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