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National Health Performance Framework Report 2000

External report

Comparing National Public Hospital Cost Data Collections for use in Performance Reporting by Ms Jenny Watts, Professor Jeff Richardson and Dr Leonie Segal, was released in September 2000.

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Cover, Title Page, Acknowledgments, Table of Contents

Synopsis 1   Introduction
1.1   Measuring Hospital Costs
1.2   The Problem

2   Current Measures of Hospital Costs
2.1   Overview of the Two Data Systems
2.2   AIHW Methodology
Data Type
2.3   NHCDC Method for Calculating DRG Average Costs
Data Type
2.4   Strengths and Weaknesses of the Two Models

3   Other Issues in Data Consistency
3.1   Introduction
3.2   Capital/Depreciation
3.3   Treatment of Private Medical Costs
3.4   Labour On-costs/Superannuation
3.5   Cost Modelling and Patient Level Clinical Costing Data
3.6   Issues in Identifying the Acute Inpatient Population
3.7   Provision of Costing Data by Small Rural Hospitals

4   Purpose of Hospital Efficiency and Costing Data

5   Summary

6   Recommendations


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