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Competitive safeguards in telecommunications

Office of Regulation Review submission

This submission was released in February 1995. In this submission the ORR comments primarily on the competition policy issues raised in Chapter Six an of issues paper, Beyond the Duopoly - Australian Telecommunications Policy and Regulation, released for comment in September 1994 by the Minister for Communications and the Arts. Specifically, the submission addresses:

  • the relevance of market dominance and dominant carrier regulation post 1997
  • whether price control is necessary for final products in markets where a carrier is dominant
  • the role of price monitoring in markets with few participants
  • pricing of access to the network
  • the choice between general or specific regulation.

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  • Contents

Cover, Contents

1   Introduction

2   Market dominance - What constitutes market power in telecommunications?
2.1   Defining the market
2.2   Criteria for determining market dominance

3   Responding to market power
3.1   Price control of final products
3.1.1 Price discrimination and predatory pricing
3.1.2 Controlling maximum prices
3.1.3 Price monitoring in borderline cases
3.2   Interconnection pricing
3.2.1 Current arrangements
3.2.2 Options for interconnection post 1994

4   General or specific regulation?


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